2 Replies to “Katie & Michelle – Sperm donor URGANTLY needed”

  1. Hello Katie and Michelle

    I am in Bristol and I am happy to come and help you out
    here is a little bit about me 🙂

    I am Jake, 19 year old from the South west, Somerset UK. I have NO genetic illnesses and I am clean of STI’s
    i am a full time professional photographer for a job
    I am Happy with all ways of getting someone conceived. as its all upto the lady/couple if you only want AI then I will come and do it in a pot if your a couple or lady who wants it NI then I am again happy to do It I am clean with STI’s

    I am based here in Somerset but I am happy of traveling and happy to go to a hotel in the middle of us both

    I happy for people to message me on

    Thank you from reading this


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