katie – kent donor needed

Hi my name is katie i am 25 and married to dan.
my wife and i have been married since june 2014
We are looking for a donor who is under 35. Fit abd healthy and can prove so!
Would like our donor to have dark hair and brown eyes.
we are looking to start donations in feb
i dont drive so a donor who can is ideal. Will help pay towards travel!

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  1. Hi Katie. I am 34 an active, healthy, highly motivated and ambitious, working and studying man. I am white, I have dark hair and brown eyes. My weight is 11.4 stones, and height is 6 feet. I have no addictions and never had, do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. I neither use coffee (caffeine) nor a tea. I do not use any food containing artificial additives (sweeteners, preservatives, vinegar). My diet consist of high quality fresh food, i.e. 40% meat, 30% fat, 30% nuts, fruits and vegetables; no dairy or grain-based products. I’m resistant to most of widely spread diseases which means I never catch any flu, cold or similar. I do not use any medications, pain killers, antibiotics, vitamins or others. I have an excellent blood quality and a pressure.
    I have a few conditions under which I will agree to donate.
    Please email me if you have any questions, I will be very happy to answer.

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