Katie I’m looking for a donor

Hi, I’m a 23 year old female looking for a sperm donor. Ideally blue eyes and blonde hair. But either brown or green eyes, brown hair is okay. I’m looking for a white British donor who is willing to have no contact after conception. I’m in the north west, around Blackpool however I am travel to Manchester. I am wanting to do the donation via NI due to the success rate.

About me- I’m 23 years old bisexual, I have a stable job and home. I have a supportive family who also support me becoming a single mum. I’m 1 of 4 siblings (2 sets of twins), yes I understand the chance of me having twins.

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  1. Hi Katie,
    I will be willing to help, if you’re willing to travel up to South Yorkshire. I can also meet up at your place, if that is your preference.

  2. Hi my name is Bradley and I will donate my sperm to you and I have had all the checks and I am free from sti and std please message me thanks Bradley Brandon I am ginger with green eyes

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