Karen Sperm Donor Required

Hi there,
I am an independent women in my 40’s who is desperate for a child. I was married for several years, but put off having children because my husband was so unreliable and lived in the hope that he would change.
Having sacrificed my own happiness in order not to bring a child into a unhappy marriage that was simply going nowhere, I have now decided to do it alone having since left my husband.
I would like the sperm donor to be of medium build and someone who is into fitness, well educated and between 30 and 40 years of age. I am open to look into mixed origin, willing to bring up the child on my own, and/ or co- parent. Either way, it is important to me, that the child as the option to know who his/ her father is when they reach 18.
As for me, I do not look my age, have always been into fitness ( gymnastics, dance, swimming, cycling, gym etc; am of a petite stature; very disciplined and am a Christian. I would preferably like the sperm donor to have Christian values too and a follower of the church and God.
I currently live in Scotland, but I am willing to travel if need be.

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  1. Hello! I am living in Northampton. Latvian nationality. Height normal -177cm, long Very few spoken English. Christian I can help you. My interest is the financial side. Thank you have a nice day!

  2. I meet all of your criteria. Med build, have always kept fit and healthy and have a high level of education. Mid 30’s, Christian.

  3. HI i am in Glasgow , work out & play sports regularly. I am educated to Masters degree , IQ 144 have been donating last 4 years and can provide references from previous recipients , 40 years old and happy to help

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