5 Replies to “Julie – Sperm Donation in Oxfordshire”

  1. Hey Julie, I’d be happy to help you out. I’m 24, Caucasian, 6 foot 1, brown hair, grey/green eyes. No family history of genetic defects, I rarely become ill due to a strong immune system, and I’ve got a BSc in Cybernetics from Reading university.

    I live and work in Reading, I don’t drive but can travel a reasonable distance by train

  2. I am 57 with two grownup sons. Very healthy. Doctorate and senior executive. Love to give you the baby you crave for. Children are a gift 🙂

    I am married. Hope I can help.

  3. Hiya Julie, how are you?

    I live here in Oxford..

    I’m 43, divorced, no health problems, I have never smoked, don’t drink, don’t drugs and I’m fit & healthy.

    I would love to help you and if okay.. be your a sperm donator.

    Please do feel free to send me a message and I shall reply.. from Paul.

  4. Hi if you are still looking I am more than happy to help you intelligent healthy man
    With 2 healthy good looking kids

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