jules looking for a somerset donor

Hi everyone
I’m a 39 year old single mummy and im wanting another baby,I have been single for a year or so now and to be honest I like it that way.I’m an independent woman and like it just being me and my son without all the hassle of a relationship but feel it is the right time to have one last baby before I get to old.my son would love a brother or sister and was hoping someone on here could help me.never done anything like this before so it’s all new to me.if someone could help me it would mean the world,hope to hear back from someone soon. Thanks in advance

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  1. Hi Jules I have read your need to want to be a mum again and I would like to talk to you about helping you with my sperm. I am a married guy who has no children of my own and have come to the conclusion that this will not happen now. I am now 44 years old 5’11” tall and have been a slim guy all my life. Discretion is a must from you please as I am doing this off my own back and would like no one else to know about it. I am not looking to be involved in the bringing up of the child which involves my sperm I just want to help out someone who has the need to have a child again and you sound lovely. You can contact me on my email which is and just fill in the title with your name and what it’s about in Capitals please as I get a lot of mails day. I hope this is helpful to you Jules and I hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Hi Jules I’m a 44 year old married guy in a sexless marriage who wanks regularly and now feels I’m wasting all my sperm when I could be giving it to some people who really could do with it in the hope of having a baby. I’m fully healthy and fully check for deaseses. I’m 5’11” tall medium build dark brown hair. Good sense of humour. I’m not looking to be involved in the child’s life whatsoever unless you want me to be but discretely so. I’m just looking to make a couple or single lady very happy by hopefully getting pregnant with my sperm.
    If your still looking for someone then please get in touch thank you.

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