Jonathan – Sperm Donor in Cheltenham

Hi. My name is Jonathan. I’m willing to be a sperm donor for those who need it in the Gloucestershire area. I believe everyone should be able to have kids and that having them and passing on what you know to future generations is pretty much the aim of life. I’m 27, just under 6ft, dark blonde hair, blue eyes and athletic. I’m in the Royal Air Force and am educated to degree level. I’m strong minded, funny and a little bit cheeky. I have a philosophical nature and I’m very interested in body language and psychology. If I can help or you want to know anything else please contact me at —————–

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  1. Hi, my name is Vannessa and me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor/ co-parent we are lesbian’s and come from very large family’s and feel something is missing and we want to make our family complete.
    We would like to have more than one child, because me and my partner both want to carry, and both my partner and I would very much like for our children to have the same father.

  2. Hi Jonathan we are a female couple in Gloucester looking for an AI donor asap I would be grateful if you could contact me via email if you are still donating and we can discuss further!


  3. Hello Jonathan,

    My name is Sarah i live in Gloucester and im looking for an AI donor. Hopefully you are still donating and willing to chat?

    Many Thanks

  4. Hi me my girlfriend of 7 years is looking for someone in your description and would love it you could help with starting a family both in twenties many thanks …

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