JoeMTR1 Donor in South-East ready to help

Hello everyone. I’ve decided return to donating after a break. I am white British, 31 years old, 6 foot 7 in height. I have black hair and green/blue eyes. I have no health problems (I’ve never visited a hospital once in my life!). I’m university educated and have a good professional job. I have a high sperm count (98 million per ml) with strong motility (77%). I am based in Kent, but can travel to surrounding areas in the South-East (Sussex, Surrey, London). I could travel further if I’m re-imbursed for travel and accommodation costs.

I have had two children from donating, both boys. Both times the donation worked on the second attempt. I’m very happy about how this has all turned out as both the mums had previously tried for over a decade to get pregnant without any success. As long as any child conceived is healthy and loved then that is what matters to me.

I’m willing and happy to help out anybody who needs to start a family. I would prefer to donate via AI.

If you like the sound of me, please send me a private message.

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  1. Hello my name is Georgina and I’m looking for a donor to help me. The only thing is hat I am 17 which puts most people off but I have waited for this moment and the baby will be very much loved and supported by me and my family as they support my decision to have the baby. Thank you for any help I receive.

  2. hi would you be able to help me im 34 years old i really want a baby of my own there is nothing else ive wanted as much as i want this right now i had a miscarriage last year and after that my partner left i have alot of family and friends around me so if i need any thing i know thay will be there to help i just want to be a mummy and hold my own beautiful baby in my arms and love them and support them thats all i have ever wanted.

  3. We are a married lesbian couple reaching out for AI ONLY donor. I’m 26 and my wife is 27, we have been together 6years and married for nearly 4years. We lead a happy ans comfortable life but are now ready to share that with our future child. We were due to have a donation this morning but was let down with 50mins to go. So we need someone asap that are genuine and have proof of sexual health checks. We will pay for travel and live in Reading. If you feel you can help us bring a much wanted bundle of joy into this work please get in touch. Thanks. Kirsty&Kerry ?

  4. My wife and I are in out early 40’s and have tried without success in the past to conceive, your sperm count and high motility may be the answer we have been looking for. We would love to discuss this in greater detail with you.
    Lu and Jay.

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