Jody – Lesbian couple looking for a sperm doner in kent!

Hi there, my partner and I are despite to expand our family, I have two daughters already and my partner wants to experience pregnacy and motherhood and to have a bother or sister for our daughters. We live just out side of dartford so very close to the M25. We would ideally like to have some minimal contact with you ( 2-3 up-date emails a year and the possibility of the child to meet you when they are 16+) our co-match profile is jody12 but would prefer an email ———————–thank you for taking the time to read this!! And we hope that someone out there can help us 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    I am 50 year old male in good health. Professional, educated to MA level and with two teenage sons. I would be happy to help out with no further contact or ties. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I am a healthy single male 58, 6ft, medium build.brown eyes light brown hair’ am active and love sports. Have run my own business for 28 years, I have 4 children and now the time is right to help people by being a sperm donor, It is something I have thought long and hard about and really feel I would like to help people in this way, I would like to have contact in some form, updates and a picture is fine at your discretion, message me and we can discuss things, I am willing to travel,

  3. Co-parentmatch ID Gareth10
    Let me introduce myself I’m Gareth and I’m 34 year white male looking to help get women pregnant. I come from a big family and want to help others achieve what they are looking for on here. I am very close to Dartford myself and so I can help as often as you require
    I am std free (never had any), no genetic disorders and no mental illness in the family.
    If you are still looking to get pregnant then I would like to help you. If you became pregnant I would to be open to co-parenting if that is your wish but if not then we can discuss involvement.
    Please get back to me if you are interested with any questions and we can discuss further.

  4. Hi i am a 37 year old man healthy and fit . i will be more than willing to help contact me if you are ready via my email add. then we can arrange the rest thanks. i live in medway

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