Joanna single mum keen for another child

Hi guys, I am very new to this but am looking for a tested healthy man white who can show me the relevant paperwork as to this please I have been looking into it and the tests needed are various to ensure a Healthy child and mother carrying. I am looking for a local person as I live in the south west of cornwall in a town called lostwithiel.I would need someone willing to travel to me here were I live and during the day time if atol possible as I am mother to my daughter who has special needs. please contact me if you feel you can help me and if you feel you have what Ive metioned please contact me.

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  1. Hi my name is Bradley Brandon I am 26 & I would like to donate my sperm to you and can you please pay for me to travel down to you I have had all the checks and I am free from sti and std and I would donate my sperm for free to you please email me

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