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Hello out there, I really hope someone can help soon. I am a single woman with one amazing 3year-old daughter who has totally changed my world, and now I long for another child (and my daughter longs for a sibling) to expand our lovely little family unit. I have no inclination to seek a partner as I’m just loving being a mum at this time, so I would be so happy if I found someone to donate. I live and work in Nottingham, am white, smart, healthy and energetic, but am 39 so don’t want to delay too long! My daughter is dual heritage white/black, so my ideal would be a non-white donor but not essential. I’m happy going it
alone (family and friends support) so I don’t anticipate co-parenting, but would certainly not rule anything out if the right donor wanted to play a part or co-parent. Fingers crossed, thanks guys!

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  1. Hi Jo,

    27yo white male, 5’9, brown eyes, dark brown hair, professional background.

    Based in Warwickshire area and available this weekend.

    Get in touch if interested

  2. Hello,

    Genuine and kind AI/NI donor in London, Tested for STDs, intelligent with proven fertility, non-smoker and degree educated. *** Regular at the gym, with good toned build. 5 years of martial arts background. *** Spanish/Asian mixed race ethnicity, 5’11” tall, dark black hair and light brown eyes. Pics available upon request. *** Would like at least yearly update and photos of any resulting child. Email: —————————— I can travel upon request. Also can arrange help to support child if required.



    1. Hi Paul many thanks for your message – I really like your approach and you sound great! I’d like to get in touch with you to discuss further, but you can’t share your email or digits on this site. Hope you have returned and find this reply! I have made a profile at the linked site, Jo87. As I’ve found with all such sites you have to subscribe to properly email each other but am prepared to subscribe in order to contact you.
      With a bit of planning, I am able to travel to London to meet. Happy to post a photo on my Jo87 profile if you like to know who you’re dealing with.
      I’m totally genuine and keen to move things on with the right donor, so if you are too, then please let’s get in contact properly. I am totally happy to provide photos and updates of a child, and have a fair and reasonable attitude towards contact with father. I think I handle all this side of things really well with my daughters father, who is far from a co-parent!
      Paul, you may have spotted that I am keen to find a non-white donor, as my daughter is mixed race and although our community is very diverse, I’m aware of the potential difficulties for her if everyone else in the family including her sibling were totally white. Also keen for intelligence and health… You seem to have all I am looking for, so please don’t disappear!
      Thanks, fingers crossed…

  3. Hi Paul, just wrote a really really long reply but fear it may have disappeared! In brief, I’m really keen to get in touch but you can’t leave email or phone numbers. profile Jo87, please do reply here or message me via the profile as I think you might be the donor for me and I definitely want to be in contact if you’re genuine and definite about donation.

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