Jo – Help! Donor needed

Hello out there, I really hope someone can help soon. I am a single woman with one amazing 3year-old

daughter who has totally changed my world, and now I long for another child (and my daughter longs for a

sibling) to expand our lovely little family unit. I have no inclination to seek a partner as I’m just

loving being a mum at this time, so I would be so happy if I found someone to donate. I am in Nottingham,

work f/t, am white, smart, healthy and energetic, but am 39 so don’t want to delay too long! My daughter is

dual heritage white/black, so my ideal would be a non-white donor but not essential. I’m happy going it

alone (family and friends support) so I don’t anticipate co-parenting, but would certainly not rule

anything out if a donor wanted to play a part or co-parent. Fingers crossed, thanks guys!

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