Jim Single Scot Looking To Support Struggling ‘Would Be Parents’

I am 34 and single. Im 5ft 8″, brown eyes, brown hair and a heart as big as the ocean. 😂 I have been curious for a year or two now about sperm donating but I’m not sure I’d like not knowing ‘that mini me’ in some way. I realise this may not be how most recipiants want it but it’s how I am. I live in Central Scotland and am open to discussions if anyone is interested.

2 Replies to “Jim Single Scot Looking To Support Struggling ‘Would Be Parents’”

  1. Hi I’m 31 and have son from previous relationships but will want one more child. I’m from Edinburgh where u from?

  2. Hi Jim, I’m a single almost 30 year old women and living not far from Glasgow. I’m also in the same kinda situation as you as I want a baby badly but don’t know if I like the idea of my child not knowing who it’s father is. If your still interested please let me know.

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