Jazzie In need of a sperm donor

Hello my name is jazzie me and my transgender partner are looking to start a little family in about a years time he is female going to male.
We are located in norwich so we would prefer someone who is close to us and someone we can build a bond and friendship with before donating.
We would like someone with dark hair and and preferably blue eyes.
We would need tests and that done before donation aswell.

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  1. Hi I am 26 have hard hair and have blue eyes. I am 5:6 and willing to get to know you all and have any test you need as required. Willing to help you make a family.

  2. I would be willing to help through A.I or natural provided there was proof of no s.t.i or std . I live in Suffolk and could donate once a week or fortnight until fallen pregnant leave me a reply if your interested and we could talk more
    Thank you

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