Jane Starting a family

Hello my name is Jane I am 25. Me and my wife are looking to start a family we are just looking for a donor that has no STIs or STDs. I have a disability that is a chronic illnesses. We are looking forward to having a child it would make our family complete. We are looking for a donor who is in Northern Ireland to do a private insemination IUI with my wife. We wish for there to be no contact between the donor and child.

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  1. Hello, I would be willing to help yous out so will leave my email. Im 27 years old. Brown hair, green eyes. Athletic build naturally. No previous health conditions. Non-smoker.

  2. Hey 🙂

    I am well educated, tall, fit and healthy. I am very easy as contact goes, full contact to zero is fine. I have two wonderful kids, we conceived very quickly. There are no genetic problems in my family, I am happy to travel.


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