Jamie Fit & healthy – AI only donor

Hi all, i’m Jamie, looking to help a couple or single start their family through AI donation. Drop me a line if you’re interested and we can talk. I’m an educated, intelligent, healthy white AI ONLY donor looking to make donations to a very limited number of people

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  1. Hi. Would you be willing to help myself and my partner? I have children from my previous relationship but we would love a child together to complete our family. We are in East Sussex. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hello myself and partner are desperate to start a family and share our love we live in Torquay Devon my partner is a full time chef and I’m a singer please contact me if ur willing to help make our dreams come true hope to hear off u soon

  3. Hello, me and my partner would love to have a baby, we’re a same sex couple and would love to have a family. We’re based in Bournemouth/Poole. We would love it if you could make our dreams come true.

    1. Hi Bethany, I am a healthy, fertile white male, I have a family of my own and i would love to help any other family become complete, and as happy as mine. Not sure how to move forward but am happy to help you and your partner

    2. Hey, I’m looking to help a couple with the amazing situation of being parents, contact me if your still looking for a sperm donor and I’ll be more than happy to help.

  4. Hi I’m a single woman of 35 years with no prospect of a serious relationship in the near future, would you consider helping me

  5. Hi would you consider donating to a lesbian couple looking to start a family in East Sussex .. both with loving families and hard working Ai only and wanting to raise the child as their own but maybe have the possibility of letting them know who the donor was when turned 18

  6. Hi jamie. Do you come to somerset at all. My wife and (same sex) have a little girl through ivf..but have not been able try again due to finances. We did have 3 frozen embryos but the clinic thawed them incorrectly and they all died. So if you could help that would be wobderful. We would love to give our daughter a sibling. Kate

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  7. Hi there I’m a single female who lives in Eastbourne looking to have a family before my body clock Denys me this privilege. I’m 47 and would love if your still available to chat further about donation via AI.

  8. Hi Jamie,
    It my absolute dream to become a mum and looking for a donor to help. Me and my partner have been together for 8 years now and he had a irreversible vasectomy. I’m near Somerset would you be willing to help?
    Thank you

  9. Hello Jamie,
    Me and my partner really want to have children and wanted to know if you could help with that, we have been talking about is both carrying around the same time
    If this is possible please let us know
    Thank you

  10. Hi Jamie,

    I’m female, 27 and single. Have Cerebral Palsy but otherwise in perfect health. High IQ, proficient in several languages.

    Denied IVF due to disability and marital status, disastrous NI experience in past. Hence, looking for AI – preferably for Home Insemination.

    Can you help?

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