10 Replies to “James – sperm donor Cardiff”

  1. Hi, if you are still interested in donating, please contact me.
    My partner and I are looking for a donor in South Wales to help us start a family.

  2. Hi my wife and I are looking for an AI donor. If you are still thinking of donating please could you get in touch. We are very keen to get started soon and only live about 20 mins from Cardiff.

    If you think you would be able to help us we would love to chat further about what your expectations are.

    Our profile is also on co-parentmatch.com as Kate171.

    Hopefully speak soon.

  3. Gd Morning/afternoon/Night
    Hey Guys!!
    From S.C.R; it’s been awhile trying
    Still no baby dust ??
    23??0??1??22, We’re interesting a Nice Helpful Genuine S.Donor that would’nt mind help us out to complete my pregnancy please & thank you ?? & shall speak more in contexts ,me & my partner watch years ,months weeks days past now I’ve been waiting to become a mom,pass turns downs are a killer which is a massive daily pain , strain in my life that’s missing like an losts puppy looking for its bone, am not asking for too much , we’re more than willing to help with towards traveling expenses weather you /us travel ?and most of all give the two love of my life’s D Lucky1??? thank you very much for
    taking your time
    Please let me know if you are willing to help us ??

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