james – selling sperm

Hi to ever one who reads this my names james i am from a town called johnstone witch is near glasgow i am a fit young man i am 25 years old i have 4 kids all boys 2 off them ate twin boys and thay come very fast please for fast respons email me ——————

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  1. Hi there not to sure how to leave a forum on this site, me and my fiancée are looking for a genuine sperm donation with no contact once successful as we are on the IVF list but this could take years, wee get married next year and are looking for a genuine donation to help us start out own family, feel free to get in contact if you would be willing to help in the donation thanks

  2. Hi yes i am willing to help out as much as you wish hear me number dirct me i will spread it out becoure ur not aload to put email or numbers on hear

  3. Hi there James, I seen this post just wanted to say I’m also very interested in having my first baby. I’m in a lesbian relationship and looking to start our family. Do you have an email? Here is mine just in case: ———————– It’d be wonderful to hear from you. 🙂 x

    1. Hi i do have a email but wee can send them on hear i will attach my email well i am really looking forward to hearing from you helpping you out

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