James Looking to donate

I’m a healthy, single and mentally stable 45 year old man looking to donate to straight/lesbian lady or a lesbian couple.   A bit about me…..I work as a tutor in further education and I love my music, used to be a DJ back in the day (House Music) but now just create music on my PC for fun, I can also play guitar, piano (and drums-badly).   I recently had my DNA analysed on 23andMe. My ancestry composition shows that I am 77% Northwestern European (mainly British and Irish) and 21% Sub-Saharan African (mainly Ghanaian and Nigerian). I already knew the latter as my grandad, on my mothers side, was from Ghana. My results also showed no significant health predispositions. I don’t mind sharing all this information with a potential donnatee.   oh, I’m 6ft 2″ tall, medium build and about 95kg in weight


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