jadey – sperm donor

hi im looking for a sperm donor from leeds or yorkshire can also travel, i have been wanting to

start a family for quite a few years now but have not been able to meet the right person, if you

think you can help hen please feel free to message me AI ONLY X

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  1. Hi am Danny, am 34 years of age with blue eye and ad say avarage build, a have short dark hair. Am a father of 4 children already a have 3 gawjus girls and one boy all are heathy and was born natural with no problems am looking to help females, couple who are on need of a Doner. A do not smoke drink or do drugs a do live in the Leeds area to

  2. Hi am Danny aged 34 farther of 4 children already would be happy to consider helping you, all my children were born heathy and natural child birth, a do not do drugs or drink or smoke am avarage build with blue eye and short dark hair

  3. hi, my name is kris. iam 30 years old, 6ft 2 inch tall, large/atletic
    body build. iam non-smoker, staying healthy. iam originally
    flemish – polish – if you dont mind it i would like to help you.
    if you decide to just message me.

  4. i can helpyou with that but im not for free if you interested get in touch with me i can put you pregnant in a week time email

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