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      1. Im 29 im a mechanical engineer. Im excersise regularly and from dundee. Im of good health. Around 5 foot 10. Hope this helps.

        1. It doesn’t let you post last name or email address, how can I get in contact to meet up for a chat? Thanks

    1. Hi Kris,
      If you are still donating could you contact me please?
      I tried to find you on Facebook as I saw your name in a previous post on here but can’t seem to find you.

      1. Kris Im in a checked shirt on my profile picture. Or if i can get youre second name i might be able to find you. Hope this helps.

          1. Ahh it won’t let me post any details. Lol nightmare! Can we meet up one day for a chat?

          2. Hi Kris I’m Ashleighs partner, we are just wondering if my user name can be seen as it’s also my facebook name ( it’s a pic of myself, Ashleigh and three kids) so might be easier to chat through that?

          3. Hey Kris,

            Are you free to meet for a chat anytime after 3pm Monday 27th as we will be in Dundee that day? 🙂

        1. Sounds great. Would be good to sort something and meet for a coffee and a chat with my partner. Try to find out on Facebook,. Thanks

  1. Hi Jade

    I am six two brown hair and hazel eyes.

    I am in good health with no family issues.

    34 years old I excersise and eat well

    Let me know

  2. Hey sorry to jump on someone elses thread but mine isnt working. My partner and I are looking to start our own family and would like to find a willing donor in our local area who is willing to assist us with this. We are both in our 20s both fit and healthy plus both of us are sports mad and have a lovely home which we would love to bring our child into. We are willing to discuss contact as we unerstand everyones wished are different.
    Get in touch with us if you would like a chat or want to know anything more. Thank you

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