7 Replies to “Jacob – Sperm donor Southampton”

  1. Hi me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor. We already have 2 children and are looking to extend our family. I’m 28 and she’s 26. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Me and my partner have been trying for a year with
    Our current donor with no success so are now looking for
    A new donor.
    Would love to get in contact with you to discuss
    Possible donation.

  3. Hey would you be able to donate some sperm to me please. I’ve been trying for a year to get pregnant. My husband is unable to have children . Many thanks

  4. Hi, I’m in a relationship with another women and we’ve been together for three years and looking to have a baby, please email us. Thank you

  5. Good evening
    My wife and I are looking to start to try for a family. We are based near Southampton.
    We are looking for a donor matching your description. May I ask are you a AI or NI donor? As we are looking ideally for an AI donor.

  6. Hi I’m a single mum to two children 10 and 8 and I would love to be a mummy again to a new baby just don’t want a relationship so a donor is only way for me. Please email me I would love to hear from you.

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