Jack – Sperm donor req

Hi there,

My girlfriend and I are looking for a sperm donor, I am unable to have children. I am 24 and she is 25. I’m looking for dark blonde/brown hair, Dark eyes and white British. I long to start a family and would really like your help. Portsmouth area and home insemination. Thank you

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  1. Hi there I live in the Chichester area and was wondering if I could help I am a 18 year old male who is healthy with dark blonde hair and brown eyes, I am half Italian and half british if u are intrested do get I touch.

  2. Hi Jack.

    I am also based in Portsmouth. Here are details about myself:
    21 YO
    MOD Defence Analysy
    6ft tall
    Brown hair
    Muscly build

    Please do not hesitate to contact me.


  3. Hi i would love to help .. Im 26 year old man .. Mentally and physically healthy 5ft5 dark brown hair and eyes living in portsmouth

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