Jack Good looking healthy friendly sperm donor

From Name: Jack Walsh
From Email: jackwalsh.2010@yahoo.com
Location: Northern Ireland

Message Body:
I wish to provide my healthy sperm to a responcible couple or single woman, whether lesbian or straight, any race, any nationality.
My donation will be given for articial insemination only. I am not seeking sex and will not donate this way.
I’m 35 years old, Caucasian, Irish, good genes, brown hair (now receded/shaved), blue eyes, good teeth, a nice smile, handsome face, muscular strong body, well endowed, 5 foot 10 inches tall and weigh around 190lbs.
I do not have an active sex life, instead I play sports. I would like to give my seed to someone who desires to raise a child. However, I do not want and will not have any connection or contact after the donation.
The child will be entirely you and/or your life partners responcibility.
I am happy to help. Please contact me to discuss further.


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  1. Hi are you still willing to donate? We are a loving, caring couple and want to complete our family. We have a little one already and would love to give him a sibling. (Lesbian couple based in Norther Ireland. We would appreciate if you could get in contact. Thank you

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