J – Sperm Donor Wanted

We are a young couple who are getting married later this year. We have been together for 4 years and have had a home together for the past 2 years. Unfortunately we have fertility issues due to a medical condition which inhibits sperm production. We are financially stable and have a healthy outlook and lifestyle. We would love to have a family within the next 18 months.

• Age 21
• Professional Business Owner.
• Volunteering at a weekly focus session with LGBTQ youth.
• Age 25
• Treasurer for an Award Winning National LGBT Charity.
• Sales Manager for a UK department store.
• Volunteering at a weekly focus session with LGBTQ youth.

We are happy to meet with our donor after a conversation online to see if we fit each other’s criteria but we will not be pressured into Natural Insemination or meeting in our own home. It is important to us to have anonymity to a certain degree. We would both be assigned as Mother and Father on the Birth Certificate due to being married before conception. We have relevant paperwork to support this in the case we needed to take a legal route in the future.
We are looking for a Donor who is interested in working with us to provide our family with a child.
• We will only consider Artificial Insemination.
• We would like a donor to commit to 4/6 monthly cycles with us.
• We are open to donations from White Caucasian Males.
• We would require a full recent sexual health screening.

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