i want a baby really badly

please please please I really want a baby and my partner cant have one, I would be so grateful if someone can help me. I really want a brother or sister for my son. I live in Bangor Northern Ireland, and would really appreciate if someone can help Me. Im not looking any type of relationship just some help. please and thank you

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  1. Hi,
    Dont think you can contact me directly on here, has to be via the Co-Parentmatch site (my user name is Eddie133)

    Only donated twice and Have a successful donation already, baby due in April 2017. I donate for free too!

    Get in touch – Thanks

  2. Hi there I’m chrissy. A Belfast based donor who donates by NI method. Ive previously donated twice successfully. Two girls. If you fancy checking out my profile on coparentmatch.com and send me a message if I’m suitable. My username is ChrissyM1 I’m currently a standard member but if you feel I may be what your looking for I will upgrade again to prenium membership so we can chat.

  3. Hey there
    Not sure if you are still looking for a donor ,but am willing to help
    Am 18 years old ,with no smoking habit or alcohol addiction
    East Asian
    Goes to St.Andrews

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