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98 Replies to “How to Communicate”

    1. Hi Aniko,

      I’m 41 years old, 3 children between 7 and 18, all handsome and very clever. If you are interested I don’t live far from Nottingham.

  1. Hi Aniko,

    I stay at Northampton, happy to travel and no compensations expected. Feel free to get in touch to discuss more.

  2. Hi aniko I can help im 32 year old Asian male from north west England I can travel and help give you the joy of a child my no

    1. Just noticed your profile. I’m 33 from Manchester but able to travel. I’m 6’1″tall medium built and extremely healthy given my professional job which keeps me in good shape. I work in the emergency services and have a good education. Would like to help someone have the same joys I have being a father myself.

  3. Hi I’m looking for a sperm donor in sheffield I am currently in a lesbien relationship and have been with my partner for 5 years and we both feel we are ready to have a baby and settle down we are from sheffield and are available most days please contact me xx

    1. Hi are you still looking for a doner? Is so a be willing to help a have 4 children already all born natral with no problems, 3 girls 1 boy am 34 with blue eye short dark hair and look younger then my age. If interested a can do most days but not satadays or Monday’s a charge no fees

      1. Hi, me and my partner are also looking for a donor we are based in the derby area however willing to travel if you would be interested in helping us

        1. Just noticed your profile. I’m 33 from Manchester but able to travel. I’m 6’1″tall medium built and extremely healthy given my professional job which keeps me in good shape. I work in the emergency services and have a good education. Would like to help someone have the same joys I have being a father myself.

  4. hiya me and my gf of 2 years are looking for a doner we live in south Devon exeter way we have a place together and we live next to a school and a secondary school we are 22 and 25 looking to raise a family please get back to me thankyou x

  5. Hi me and my partner are looking for a donor in the Grimsby area, if anyone one could help it would be amazing as we both have decided that it’s the right time to start a family, thanks in advance

  6. Hi my name is faye and my girlfriend is Charlene we are ready to start a family. We are looking for a sperm donor who dosnt want to be involved.

  7. I am a white, English 21yr old female based in Maidstone Kent, looking for a sperm donor. I’d like to get to know a little about you first, and would like a brown hair, blue eyed healthy male, but most of all not just someone looking for sex, preferably ‘AI’, I need help from someone that thinks it’s a gift to give me a child. I would be forever great full

  8. Hello Marie,

    I am don’t have blue eyes, but the rest yes. I have been thinking about donating for AI for some time now.I would like to help someone, however I also want to feel it’s the right person/s to be bringing a child. If you are interested and send me a message and we can exchange info to see if it feels right for both of us.

  9. Hello myself and my girlfriend are looking to start our own family looking for a sperm donor in east ayrshire scotland if anyone can help thank you

  10. Hi need sperm doonor in Oxfordshire 20 years old looking for a ai donation can u help me as I just won’t to be a mum thank u 🙂

  11. I am a 6ft dark haired blue eyed handsome gentleman with 2 children. Am healthy and believe in helping women with NI as I believe this works without the expense. Please contact me if interested.

  12. Hi I’m 23 years old lesbian looking for a sperm donor in Coventry
    Just wanna start a family and having a kid would be the best thing
    If anyone want to help please feel free to contact me

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I am a mid thirties white male with no known history of hereditary health problems in my family.
      Very fertile with four healthy children of my own and happy to help others in any way I can.
      Please do let me know if you would like to discuss this further.

      1. Hi thanks you for reading my message give me your email address I will message you straight away and we can talk about that

    2. Hi are you still looking for a donor if so I may be able to help.
      Clean and clear healthy age 28 good count if you need any more info let me know.
      Thank’s Dan .

          1. Hi of course I love finally to be a mum but this website shows messages really late please give me your email so we can talk about it

  13. Hello,

    Im Black British and my partner is white we are based in London and we are looking for a white Healthy sperm donor. between the ages of 20 – 40.

    We’ve been trying for such a long time to no avail.

    Can anyone help use??

  14. Hi everyone!

    I am looking for someone in the South West area as I am based in Devon, who would be willing to help me become a mother. I’m based in Devon, around 10 minutes away from Exeter. Looking for donation via AI.

    Thankyou!x Baby dust to you all x

  15. Male donor, early 40s highly virile, never had an sti looking to help out anyone that needs it, but genuin people only. No hereditary conditions and good genes.

  16. Hello,
    My names Reece, I’m 19 years old, I’m from Farnborough, I finished my GCSE’s with 2-A*’s, 1-A, 2-B’S and 4-C’s. I have been working full time since the day I left school so for just over 3 years now. I’m a branch manager in a roofing merchants. I’m looking to donate some sperm. If anyone is interested please give me a message on:

    Any further information you require please don’t hesitate to contact me on the above number.

    Kindest regards,

  17. There’s like 3 male had a look and messaged me but this website shows the messages really late and when I’m messaging back the people not bothered to check the website for anything so please check the website and send me your email

    1. Just noticed your profile. I’m 33 from Manchester but able to travel. I’m 6’1″tall medium built and extremely healthy given my professional job which keeps me in good shape. I work in the emergency services and have a good education. Would like to help someone have the same joys I have being a father myself.

  18. Hi we are a same sex couple from Essex and are looking for a healthy Caucasian/Latino/Hispanic male to be a donor for us.
    If any one would be willing to help us start a family please contact on my username

  19. Hello everyone

    I am 24 year old male, average built of Indian background, lives in Boston, Lincs willing to donate sperm to either Clinic or directly to the couples. As presently I am not working hence needed some cash urgently.

    For more information please drop me a mail.

    Thank You

  20. Asian male sperm donor available from Lancashire have donated in the past successfully made Caucasian women pregnant with 3 beautiful mix race triplets please get in touch if u need my help x

  21. Hello, I’m James. I live in London. I’m 33, 5’8, 10 stone, have green eyes and brown hair. I’m vegan and don’t drink, smoke, or take drugs. I’m not on any medication. I have recent paperwork giving me the all clear for STIs.

    I work as a primary school teacher and my partner, Alexandra, is a nurse. We are looking to help people via Artifical Insemination only. Alexandra will accompany me to hopefully make the whole process a bit less awkward for everyone!

    We are currently expecting a child of our own and would prefer no contact once you have conceived, and I’d prefer it if my name wasn’t on the birth certificate. This is just to keep things simple for mine and Alexandra’s family in the future.

    If in the future you’d like a second (or even third!) child from the same donor (me!) then I’m sure that’s something that could be arranged.

    We look forward to hearing from you

    View Jim’s Profile and contact him NOW!


  22. hi there if you still need a donor ill be happy to help as long as you need.. im a 26yr old male. already have 3 kids with my ex-partner.. please get in touch, having a family is brillaint.. send a wee message and we can talk and hopefully help. i live in maghera londonderry area.. i dont mind traveling.

    View Aylmer’s Profile and contact him NOW!

    many thanks.. x

    1. Hi Alymer, me and Maria my girlfriend have been trying for a baby for two years, she’s mid 20’s I’m mid 40’s. We got tested in August last year, she’s a fine healthy young woman, but my sperm count is too low & sperm quality too poor, they told us the only way she would conceive would be with another man’s sperm. In October last year a friend from work who’s separted from his wife & has 4 kids agreed to sleep with Maria. Maria wanted me to be present & to hold her hand as he ejaculated inside her so I was part & did this together, however when he reached the point of no return he pulled out & came on her stomach & rubbed his seamen into her skin, it really upset her & since we’ve not tried it again. At the moment we’re on holiday in the canaries, she saw your profile & picture, she’s read your advert on here & wants to try the same thing again with you has she’s currently ovulating & wants to do it the natural way. If you let is know how we contact you please so we can arrange this as soon as possible. If you can let us know eityer way please.

      1. Hi Maria its Dave here i have read your story that is sad,if you are still wanting to be pregnant i can guarantee sucess,strong and athletic,non drinker,non smoker,do not take any drugs or pills and have great reserves of sperm ,i would be more than happy to naturally inseminate ,please get in touch if you need to be pregnant,best wishes Dave x

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