10 Replies to “Helen and Catherine – Sperm donor – North west area”

  1. Hi would like to help you and your partner if your interested and would like to ask any questions more than happy for u to reply back or email me at —————-

    1. Hi Glyn
      If you are planning on helping more than one person please can you get in contact with me. I am a single mother of one child and would like to have another little one. Thank you

  2. Hiya my fiance is donating sperm, we want to help women start and expand there family…
    We are based in liverpool..
    He his 22, 6ft 1 has brown hair and gorgeous green eye’s,
    We have two gorgeous healthy children a boy and girl who are 2 and 3 years old, if your interested email me for more information.
    Thank you.

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