Harry 22 Year old Sperm Donor

I’m Caucasian, I am very healthy, I do not wish to have children of my own. I have brown hair, blue eyes. I’m roughly 5 ft 10, and I weigh 12 stone. I am quite athletic/slim.

Reason for doing this: Young, healthy and possess the capacity to help.

I Do not want any contact with a child and wanting to sign a contract to form an agreement.

A.I Only! I have recently undergone a full medical check with all negative results, I can show the letter.

If you would like to see a photo of me, please ask. I am found to be quite handsome.

If you like my profile, feel free to get in touch. Find me at www.co-parentmatch.com and look for harry20

Kind Regards,

Location = Tyne & Wear

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  1. Hi

    Please could you get in touch with me with more information about yourself.

    Enough respect for doing such a selfless act of kindness.


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