hannah Sperm Donor In south west

Hi Guys,

Me and my partner (27 & 32) I am a business owner and my partner a teacher, we are looking for a sperm donor (A.I) in or around the Bristol Area, we’re looking for someone who would like minimal input but happy for the child to have there details at 18.
We have an 8 year old daughter who is incredibly beautiful, academically bright and well mannered. she knows 3 languages ‘English, Spanish and Italian’ and is dreaming of being a big sister.

We are very accommodating and appreciate this is an incredibly generous and selfless act for any man who is considering becoming a sperm donor, we are happy to arrange for a hotel room in bristol for the A.I or for you to come to our house, which ever is more preferably for the donor.

Were not particular on characteristics, we would however feel more comfortable with an 25+ mature man, with a great personality.

If you feel you are in a position to help my family achieve our dream, please contact me.

I do expect pictures of yourself as a baby or in your present day, a little brief description ‘about you’ and your expectations from sperm donating.

Best wishes Everyone

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  1. Hi, I am new to this, only found this website tonight. Regarding your points;

    I am happy to provide some photos of myself as baby if that helps, I didn’t turn into the Elephant man but I never became a male model. I describe myself as a white 37 year old male, healthy and fit for my age. A moderate drinker and non smoker!

    My reason for wanting to become sperm donor. Life is short and I rather not live with regrets when I’m an old man. Would love to help contribute to creating life. I have a partner but we can not have children. I have been checked out and I know my sperm is healthy and screened for all STD’s etc. I had given up on having children until I discovered this site/forum and would like to help in a small way towards creating a life for others.

    Expectation; I understand that you may not want me to have contact with the child and I would respect that. Though I hope perhaps when the child was 18 years old. That they could be made aware of my existence if he/she has any questions of me or want to know more I’d be happy to receive such a visit.

    I hope that not too much information or makes me out to be too desperate/Mad just wanted to up front with the facts. If you have any questions please contact me.



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