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  1. Hi,
    I am a single female, 21 years old and looking for a sperm donor. I live in North Wales.
    I read you’re post and was wondering if you wanted to message a bit more?


  2. Hi I was wondering if you were still willing to help me and my partner are in the same sex relationship and are ready to start a family would really appriciate it if you helped

  3. Good evening Hannah, I would be interested in discussing various options and what you are looking for. I am here to help in any way possible. Please message me . Regards Geoff.

  4. Hello Hollies, I would still be interested in helping you and your partner. There is no better happiness than having your own family. Message me with what you are thinking of doing and we will take it from there. Thanks for the message, talk soon . Regards Geoff

  5. Hi Geoff,
    My wife and I live in the St Helens area and are looking for an AI donor if this is something that you think you can help us with then please contact us.
    Many thanks

  6. Hi my name is Jen and I am single and just wanting to know if u could help me I would love my own children and I was just wondering if u can help I am from st Helens I am 25 if u can help would u get in touch many thanks Jen

  7. Hi Geoff
    My husband and I also live in St. Helens and can’t have children of our own. We have tried numerous operations/procedures all have failed. Would you be willing/consider helping us?

  8. Hi Geoff. Are you still offering sperm donation. I had the snip 15 years ago and am now with a new partner and we would both love a child. Is there anything you can do to help

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