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  1. I am 6′ tall, brown eyes & brown hair. I am fortunate enough to be very healthy, thank God. No awareness of any genetic diseases in my family. I have a successful academic record at University up to PhD level. I now work in a vocational profession. I think I would be widely regarded as a warm and caring personality.
    I am not looking for any involvement in parenthood, I just love the idea of being involved in bringing life into the world. I am fully supportive of those who are in gay relationships or those who are brave enough to raise a child on their own.
    I have only ever had one sexual partner in my life… and I am married to her! I’m happily married for over 30 years. My wife and I have two grown up children and they are both are at university doing PhDs.
    I’ve always regretted we didn’t have more children ourselves, but I suppose life is full of compromises. I love the thought that by sperm donation I could give an individual or a couple a chance at the amazing experience of parenthood.

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