Gem Donor needed to make my dream come true

Hi I’m a single 35yr old and am seeking a sperm donor in the Berkshire area. Not looking for any future involvement from donor. I hope being single doesn’t put you off I have a very supportive family around me who wish for this dream to come true as much as I do. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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  1. Hi. I live in Surrey and would be happy to help you fulfill your dream. I’m 6’2″, dark hair, blue eyes, graduate and, most importantly, quite normal!


  2. Hey, dark hair, green eyes, 5″11, half Italian, great genes. Get in contact if interested would love to help

  3. Hi. I wont bore you with details or questions at this point. Main thing is, have you had the fortune of conception yet? If so,thats wonderful. If not,I’d like to help. Danny.

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