Foteini looking for sperm donor Essex area

Full time nurse, 30years, in a relationship And live in witham Essex. My dream is to have a baby I’m so desperate as I would love to be a mum 🙂
I’m willing to pay travel expenses and will requests medical test to be shown.
I would like the donor to be Caucasian between 25-40 years .
Preferably areas if Colchester, Braintree, witham and Chelmsford
Thank you very much

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  1. Hi

    Ive been a donor since 2007, my wife is a nurse and worked in fertility. Ive mostly helped couples and live near Colchester



  2. Hello Foteini

    I am 38, white, 5’10” and 10.5 stone. From Braintree.

    I am happy to help, needing IVF for my child I know how hard it can be.

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