8 Replies to “Faye – Donor required herts/beds border”

  1. Hey fay. I am a Caribbean male,brown skin, brown eyes, highly educated,and athletic, I am very healthy and with out diseases or disabilities. If interested please contact me to discuss further. GD luck

  2. Hi,

    white, 182cm tall, educated, fit, blue eyes, dark hair, occupation: teacher. Contact if interested.
    Good luck.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I am happy to donate. Are you still looking?
    I am olive skinned, 180cm, brown eyes, black hair.. Healthy 28 yr c old.

  4. Hi Jo,
    I would be happy to donate if you are still looking?
    I live on the herts/beds border
    I am white 5ft 11 tall with a family of my own so would not be looking for a family or financial commitment.
    Kind regards

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