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  1. Hi Eve,

    I’m totally new to this so I’m not sure what sort of things you would like to know.
    However, I’ll give it a go. I live in South West Wales and able to travel, I’m mid 50s without any children, (straight if that matters), previous partners have conceived, I’m white British, fair, browned eyed, 5’10 tall, educated to degree level. My family on both sides are disease free and fairly longed lived (90ish). No problem with donating via AI.

    I’ve missed out on having children in the past because of career choices, I would now be happy to know that I have a child somewhere and to receive the odd photo.

  2. Hi Eve,
    I am totally new to this however die to recent family misfortune I have realised how lucky having a child actually is.
    Im 22, a soldier in the Army Reserves. 5’7/8″, brown hair, blue/green eyes, disease free family.i live in the capitol and drive.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    1. Hi are you still available to help? I live in Cardiff and would love to have another baby and for my child to have a little brother or sister.

    1. Hi are you still available to help? I live in Cardiff I’m 26, 5ft4 Caucasian and would love another baby. Would love to hear back from you

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