4 Replies to “Emma – wanting a sperm donor in West Yorkshire”

  1. I would like to help out and I have been fully tested as a donor so everything is in order. I am local to West Yorks so please drop me an email.

  2. Hi There

    My name danny im 23 and i live in leeds and ive sene ure profile and im very interested in helping out. im looking to help provide a couple to start a family with natural insemination. I am open to ideas and willing to meet for a drink and go from there. I my self will how no contact with the baby if it all goes well and with how many you would like i would kindly provide if you would like more then one. If your interested or want to more please feel free to contact me and ill send you a picture of me on request. My email address is ————-

    Kind regards

  3. Hi my name is aqib I am a healthy male age 20 I am willing to help anyone that is in need for a sperm donation…. Please contact me for further information

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