Emma – looking for sperm donor

Hi I am a 38 yearold woman looking for a sperm donor, he must be fit and healthy and be able to prove he is clean of drugs and sti’s. I have been trying to conceive for 11 years on and off and believe that my partners sperm is causing the problem. I have been seen at Newcastle fertility clinic and there is nothing wrong with me medically, I do ovulate even though I only have one ovary.

Also if the donor could provide a photograph of himself with contact details so I can tell the child we he or she came from. I am open to the idea of co parenting as I want my child to know its father.

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  1. Hi there

    I would love to be able to discuss helping you, happy for any tests and I don’t take drugs, don’t smoke and don’t take drugs.

    My aim is to help one woman achieve her dream, I am prepared to travel and also not charge at all for expenses or anything. The reason I am doing this is to give something back. I am prepared to try until it is achieved, that means that if it doesn’t work during your first ovulation then we will try and try again. Happy to stay up in your area for the days of ovulation to give you more than one chance.

    I have a profile on co-parent match, this websites partner site. My profile name is Phil90 please mail me and we can discuss your requirements, how you hope to achieve a pregnancy and of course what you want after the baby is born.

    Would love to speak to you and see if there is any way I can help you

    Good luck in your quest, I genuinely hope you achieve it



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