Emma Looking for a Yorkshire donor

Hi I’m Emma 19 and I’m looking for a donor based in Yorkshire. I am looking for a donor with blue eyes and brown or blonde hair. Would be looking for ni and would travel to you if needed. Message me for more details. Thanks

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  1. Hi Emma,
    I have a full profile with pictures on co-parentmatch.com profile name is danny35 if you’re still needing any help. I’m white British, no hereditary illnesses in my family, brown eyes and brown hair, athletic/muscular build with a degree level education.
    If this is suitable then let me know, would love to help.
    Danny. x

  2. Hi Emma,
    Not sure this is letting me post or not, the replies don’t seem to appear?
    I’m near Sheffield, 34 yrs old. Muscular/athletic build with a degree level education. I already have 2 children and love being a father. If I can help you in any way then please let me know.
    Danny. x

  3. Hi Rach, yeah I am. I’m not sure this site allows the sharing of contact details but if you message me on co-parentmatch.com I’ll be happy to give you my email address and we can talk there?

  4. Hey Emma

    I’m over 6 feet tall with brown hair and blues eyes
    I’m also in Yorkshire and would love to help you.

    if your interested then message me and we can discuss it further


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