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  1. Hi Emily,

    I’m a 6.2ft 23Y/O white male. I have really dark eyes, almost black, very dark brown hair. I have a very high level of education in sciences and i’m now a company director in the norwich, norfolk area (can travel over norfolk and further). I’ve also done quite a lot of modelling and i’m athletic build. Have I sold my DNA enough?
    Please feel free to leave a message. Looking to donate or maybe co-parent?

    AI is also fine if preferred. Where about are you based? 🙂


  2. Hi Emily,

    I’m just a normal chap, white, 36 years old, 5’6″. I’m artistic, not sure if that has any bearing! Gentle, modest type of person.


  3. Hi there Emily
    I live in Norfolk and am willing to donate sperm if needed.I can donate via Artifical insemination if needed.I would donate for no cost as long as the distance wasn’t more than an hour away.I do check my emails daily so I will reply within 24hours . I feel it unfair to family’s who want a child to have to pay for sperm donars and the lengthy process and grief involved.

  4. if you are serious then please get back to me on

    i can help and live in norfolk and have helped other couples with great success.

  5. Hello Emily.

    Please get in touch if you are still looking for somebody to help. I’d more than happily arrange to meet and go over things.

    Thank you

  6. please email as I am sure that I can help you if you have had no luck so far. I am in Yarmouth so you will need to come too me or arrange hotel.

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