ella seeking sperm London

british- white mixed mediteranean- dark brown hair-long, freckles, 5ft
– feminine/tomboy style
Would prefer child could know who father was, however I would be full time parent and father would have no responsibility.
I’m educated at Degree level and work within the the veterinary field. I am currently re-training as an illustrator so that I will be able to be at home more and be more of a hands on parents.
I believe in peace and equality. I’m a caring, compassionate, loving, sharing and thoughtful person. My downfall can be that I am too serious too often but as i’m aging, i realize life is too short not to live the dream!

Ideally looking for dark skin,(mediteranean- mixed race – black) Sperm Donor, 5.8ft minimum. Much more concerned about outlook on life and the world than level of education.

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  1. I fit what you’re looking for and i want to help.
    My name is Frederick and i live in North West London. I am Black, 30 years old, 6’1 tall and physically fit. Born in Ghana but spent the last 14 years in London, educated with a bachelors degree in Law and plan on further studies in the future.
    I am nice and friendly with an open-mind
    I am seeking to create a family life either through co-parenting or sperm donation with some contact as i’d love the opportunity to spoil my child and get to know him.
    i have been searching for a while but i haven’t had any luck so far. If you’re interested in what i’m offering please get in touch as i’d love to do it as soon as i can

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