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My name is Eliza. I am a 37 year old professional woman looking for a sperm donor. I am looking to find someone who might be interested in donating and would like to hear some more about you. I am happy with a no contact arrangement but am happy to discuss these and any other issues.

Chat soon


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  1. Hi Eliza,

    I am a professional myself. I am fit, healthy, blue eyes, Caucasian with recent clear STI checks and no hereditary issues. I am smart, intelligent, driven and creative. I already have two kids and they are fantastic.

    Would love to chat more. You can drop me a PM on this if you like if you want to chat more. I would love to help you conceive. I’ve always wanted to help others achieve what I already have.


  2. Feel free to get in touch.. I can help and have no problem with no contact after pregnancy if that’s what you want.. message me and we can have a chat. Good luck

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