David Sperm Donor

I’m a straight English guy wanting to help people to become a mum (parent) and to help with my sperm if I can.i well motivated and go to the gym a lot.preferred level of contact with the child depends on what makes the parent happy I am straight to the point and speak my own mind.

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  1. Hi, your advertisement is something I’m looking for. I hope you will take time to read my ad. I haven’t used this website before. So if you can’t see it. My name is Katie and i’m a 23 year old who is wanting to become a single mum. I have a stable job and place. My family are fully supportive of my choice, I’m looking for someone is will in the Lancashire area who is white British with blue eyes and brown/ blonde hair. With no family illness/ conditions. I’m wanting to do the donation via AI each month until successful. If this is something that matches what you are able to do, then please message me back as we can discuss this further.
    Many thanks

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