david Sperm donor available Leeds

Evening, Im a 27 year old married male with three beautiful childeren. My sister really struggled to get pregnant for years an had to resort to IVF but after two failed attempts she finally got pregnant and had a beautiful daughter. I saw all the heart ache she was going through struggleing to get pregnant, so i would like to try and help people who need a sperm donator.

Im 6ft tall, dark brown hair with blue eyes. My children are beautiful little things, pics available of us all if needed.

Get in touch. David

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  1. Hi ther emy bane is Jayne and me and my husband would love to start a family if you think you may be able to help please feel free to contact me thsnk you. We luvr in the barsley area south yorkshire

  2. Hi David, My partner and I have been together five years this year and are wanting to start a family, you sound up our street! We would like to know more about you if your willing to learn more about us.

    Hope to hear from you soon kind regards laura and amy xx

  3. Hi David ….. I am a lesbian from Leeds and i have always wanted to have children but been a lesbian it is hard …. iam almost 30 years old and you sound perfect.

    Hope to hear from you


  4. Hi JayLeigh

    I’m also from Leeds and ready to help.
    34 white male 6 feet 2 tall and average build.
    Brown hair and blue eyes. No medical problems at all and a clean family medical history.


  5. Hi,
    It would be great to chat to you regarding being a donor for me and my partner. We have tried for 2 and a half years but with no joy and we have been told that we do require the help from a donor
    Thank you

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