8 Replies to “Dave – Male Donor”

  1. Hi dave, how are you?

    Me and my partner are both looking for a sperm donor with blue eyes as our sperm donor that we have a child with previously has dropped out, I’m hitting peak fertility tomorrow and we’re stuck, could you possibly help? Thank you

    1. Hi Stacie,

      Thanks for message and I suspect I am too late to help you this time around.

      If you want help,in future please let me know..

      Dave x

  2. Hi dave

    I am looking for a sperm donor and you are just want I am looking that, if yoy can help email or reply back

  3. Hello Dave, I previously messaged you in January and I would like to know if you could possibly help us this time around? I ovulate on the 22nd of April, if you think you could help us could you please reply with your email and I will contact you, many thanks

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