Dany – Looking to be a sperm donor.

I am a 27year old English male living in Crewe, Cheshire who is interested in becoming a sperm donor.

I’ve seen recently there is a shortage of sperm donors here in the UK and that they importing it from other countries.

So I thought that maybe I can help people who have trouble of having children or for same sex couples to have the chance to have a child.

If anyone is I interested then please contact me, I would be happy to arrange meet people who I can help.

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  1. Hi. I will be happy to donate to anyone who needs. I can only do weekends though due to work comiment. Please email me at ——————. and we will arrange things.

  2. Hey. Hi there. I am willing to help you. I can only do weekends for the moment due to work commitments.
    You are welcome to contact me on ——————–… And we will arrange things…. Dany

  3. OK don’t contact me by email or phone. I guess we just have communicate and arrange things on here. The moderation on this site won’t allow contact details to viewed. I am serious about helping people on here.

  4. Hi. I would be happy to donate. I am mostly free at the weekends if you would like to arrange to meet somewhere and discuss things.

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