Danny – Chinese sperm donor sheffield

I am an internation student study at university of sheffield for a master degree.Last year I graduated from the university of york. I come from beijing(Capital of China)
Why I want to be a sperm donor?
Because I want to have a mixed race baby.
About myself :
Dark hair
Black-Brown eyes
No medical, mental or physical conditions
Never smoked
Never taken drugs
Not taking prescribed drugs
Rarely drink
Non religious

Feel free to contact me anytime soon.

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  1. Hi,
    My partner and I are looking for a donor. AI only. However we are looking for a donor only and not a co-parent, so no involvement. Are you offering donations or are you looking for a father role?

    If you are happy to donate only, then please get in touch.


    1. Hello, I am From Bangladesh. I have read about the sperm scarcity in China. I am willing to donate sperm. I am 26 years old. Height 5.4”, 60 Kg. Dark Black Hair. Black-Brown eyes. No medical, mental or physical conditions. Never smoked. Never taken drugs. Not taking prescribed drugs. Do not drink.
      Feel free to contact me anytime.
      My e-mail :

  2. Hi my names Charlene from Birmingham I’m mixed black and white
    I don’t smoke or take or have taken drugs a I occasionally drink socialising with friends
    Be gud to talk more if ur still donating
    Feel free to email me an we can talk more

  3. Hi Danny , are you still donating? If so it would be great to chat. I am really interested having mixed baby of Chinese and black Caribbean. So please let me know if you are still interested.

  4. Hi, I am 24 from Blackpool. And am mixed race , half black half white. It is my dream to have a half Chinese baby. I want to be a single mother though. Please let me know if you are interested. I can help with travel arrangements as well.

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