Curt – Birmingham NI Donor

Hi there i am a young but mature minded donor looking to help people complete their lives through having a family. I only donate NI as i believe the child should be conceived naturally. im white, 6’2, brown hair, blue eyes and currently in university. if your interested get in touch.

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    1. Hey there Meena, again i have been off the site for a long while, if your looking for a donor still i am available, please get in touch at ————–

  1. Hey there i cant seem to contact you guys or see your email addresses but still looking to help, if you can see mine ————– then contact me and ill be glad to help.

  2. Hi Curt, I am looking for a donor, could u email me please justdisaster at hotmail co uk (put email address together properly)

  3. Hi Curt,
    Are you still willing to help someone start a family? I am a 26 year old woman, I also live in Birmingham and am seeking a man to help me conceive.
    I work full time with a good income and full maternity benefits, my family are very supportive and are looking forward to welcoming a new addition.

    1. Hi Tracey, I’m Chris. I’m Birmingham based, 36 looking to help someone out for the first time. Not looking for any involvement of any sort, just the pleasure of knowing I’ve helped somebody.

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