CRAIG – Need An AI Donor

Hi my names craig 23 from liverpool happily engaged and looking to settle down with my girlfriend, in 2009 when I was 16/17 I was diagnosed twice with stage 3 testicular cancer had both my testicles removed and tired of being told me and my gf aren’t allowed IVF due to my employment status. im looking for a donor with dark hair, blue or grey eyes and with proof of no STDs or HIV, We want to do AI And would be made up if it was a donor close to us plus a donor who doesn’t go on birth cert or have contact with child, as I don’t have the luxury of having my own children and to have a child that I can raise as my own without thinking there’s another father to my child, I may sound selfish but me and my partner have tried to find ways to have own children but not possible but with a donor maybe the child isn’t my blood but in my heart that child will be mine and id be the best father I could be.


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    1. HI Mark sorry for late reply didn’t know you’d commented back until by chance I checked my post now, contact me on —————– thanks

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