9 Replies to “Cody Sperm donor required Belfast or northern ireland”

  1. Hi Cody I’m from Southern Ireland but I live in London.i would be happy to help ye expand your family,I don’t want any contact it would be nice to give people some happiness in there life’s.im 31 5.10ft play many sports it’s a big part of my life,so I’m very healthy,my family nor I have no health issues in the past.if you wanna know more leave a comment and I will get in touch!!

  2. Hey I’m a student, I’m up between the the northwest and Belfast because of university, I basically available 24/7 if you are still in need of a donor. I’ve no health problems and I’ve no known allegeries. I’m just under 6ft and ~84kgs and currently getting into shape for rugby and a marathon.

  3. hi there if you still need a donor ill be happy to help as long as you need.. im a 26yr old male. already have 3 kids with my ex-partner.. please get in touch, having a family is brillaint.. send a wee message and we can talk and hopefully help. i live in maghera londonderry area.. i dont mind traveling.

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    many thanks.. x

  4. Hi there If youre still looking, id love to help. Im not looking contact and ive an excellent sperm count. Ive done this before and its been first time. Please let me know details, im healthy and 24.

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